The cornea of your eye plays an essential role in your vision, focusing the entry of light into the eye and significantly contributing to the eye’s ability to focus. In addition, it acts as a shield, protecting your eye from germs and other harmful matter.

Smooth and clear, the cornea is surprisingly strong and durable. Yet, there are many medical conditions that affect the cornea that require highly specialized care. At OCB, our experienced cornea team offers medical and surgical care for the full range of conditions and injuries that affect the cornea and anterior portion of the eye. Our fellowship trained cornea specialists are internationally recognized as leaders in clinical research that is shaping and advancing the way conditions of the cornea are treated. In addition, they are dedicated to training the next generation ophthalmologists specializing in cornea care and are affiliated with primary Harvard teaching hospitals throughout the Boston metropolitan area.

The OCB cornea team is dedicated to excellence in eye care and the best possible outcomes and quality of life for our patients. Below are some of the most common cornea conditions we treat.

OCB’s Cornea Team