Crosslinking is a relatively new treatment that can dramatically improve the outlook for keratoconus, particularly in cases where the condition is caught early, before vision loss occurs. In more severe cases of keratoconus, it may eliminate the need for corneal transplant. With this procedure, a special laser emitting UV light and eyedrops that contain a riboflavin solution are used. After the drops are applied, the UV light activates the bonds between the collagen fibers and riboflavin, strengthening and helping to flatten the cornea. The goal of treatment is to stabilize and stop the worsening of the condition, although some patients do experience improvement in their vision. Patients who have undergone this procedure are then fitted with special contact lenses to correct their vision.

Crosslinking was approved by the Food and Drug Administration in 2016 and OCB is one of the few locations in Massachusetts to offer the treatment. The procedure is performed at our Waltham location in OCB’s Laser Suite.

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OCB’s Cornea Team