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Recent Presentations

​Recent Presentations

​​Chirag P. Shah, MDYAG Vitreolysis RCT results, Wills Eye Insitute, Dec. 2016, Retina Society, Sept. 2016.

​Peter A. Rapoza, MD

​Moderator, New England Ophthalmological Society (NEOS) DMEK/Refractive Surgery Speciality Day, Boston, Sept. 30, 2016

Jason S. Rothman, MD​"Management of the Ocular Surface," New England Ophthalmological Society (NEOS), Boston, Sept. 30, 2016
​​Michael B. Raizman, MD​​​"Keratoconus and Biomechanics of the Cornea," Clinical and Basic Science Research Symposium, Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary; June 14, 2016 ​
Bradford J. Shingleton, MD​"An Eye on Pseudoexfoliation 1981-2016: from Senior Resident to Senior Practitioner."  Annual meeting of the Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary, Boston, MA; June 11, 2016
​​Jeffrey S. Heier, MD​"Anti-VEGF Impact on Retinal Vascular Disease,"  China Pharmaceutical Innovation and Research Development Association (PhIRDA)'s 3rd Annual Lumitan Congress, 21 May 2016, Beijing, China & 22 May 2016, Guangzhou, China.

"What You Should Know About Dry AMD," China PhIRDA's Patient Education Symposium for AMD, 21 May 2016, Beijing, China. ​

"The Last Decade: From Pseudo-Stability to Remarkable Recovery: Pharmacotherapeutics Fuel the Retinal Revolution," New England Ophthalmological Society Meeting, 15 April 2016, Boston, MA. ​

Michael B. Raizman, MD"Complicated Corneal Management Challenges" Northeast Cornea Society meeting at the Harkness Eye Institute, Columbia Presbyterian Hospital, New York City; May 14, 2016
​​Bradford J. Shingleton, MD​"Pseudoexfoliation and the Cataract Surgeon,"  Annual meeting of the American Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgery, New Orleans, LA; 5/9/16

​David C. Reed, MD

​​"Diabetes: How it Can Affect Your Eyes," Beth Israel Deaconess-Plymouth Community Lecture

​Torsten W. Weigand, MD​​

"​Intraoperative OCT: Seeing More", Video presentation appeared in AAO's "Academy Express" February 2016

Jeffrey S. Heier, MD"​The Effect of Intravitreal Aflibercept on Capillary Non-Perfusion in Patients with Proliferative Retinopathy and/or Macular Edema Secondary to Proliferative Diabetic Retinopathy and Central Retinal Venous Occlusive Disease (ANDROID Study.)" Macula Society 2016, February 2016

​​​David C. Reed, MD

​​"Vision and Macular Degeration" City of Boston, Commission on Elder Affairs, February 2016

Jeffrey S. Heier, MD​"Aflibercept Combination Therapies: Aflibercept/Anti-ANG 2 and Aflibercept/Anti-PDGF." Angiogenesis, Exudation, and Degeneration 2016, February 2016
Jeffrey S Heier, MD​"The Impact of Anti-VEGF Therapy on Retinal Perfusion." Macula 2016, January 2016

​Michael B. Raizman, MD

“What’s New in Cataract Surgery?” New England Ophthalmology Society, Dec. 2015

​Miriam P. Englander, MD

​"Macular Degeneration,” MGH Senior Healthwise Series, Nov. 2015

​Claudia U. Richter, MD

​“Glaucoma Management,” MGH Senior Healthwise Series, Nov. 2015

​Michael B. Raizman, MD

“Keratoconus Diagnosis and Management,” OCB OD Seminar, Oct. 2015

Peter A. Rapoza, MD

​“Advances in Cataract and Refractive Surgery,” OCB OD Seminar, Oct. 2015

​Laura C. Fine, MD​

“I see a Disc Hemorrhage, Now What?” New England Ophthalmological Society, June 2015. 


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