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Glaucoma Surgery


Preparing for surgery

  • Eye drops are prescribed for use for three days prior to surgery

  • Our staff will give you the approximate time of surgery about a week prior to your surgery

  • Consent forms and medical evaluation forms must be completed prior to arrival at the surgery center

  • To provide you with thorough  preparation and care, please plan to spend approximately 4 hours at the surgery center

Your glaucoma surgery

  • Your eye is prepared for surgery by surgical nurses and board certified anesthesiologists

  • In the operating room, you will rest on a comfortable, reclining stretcher bed

  • After the eye is anesthetized, it is cleaned and prepared for surgery in a sterile manner

  • Dr. Shingleton performs surgery utilizing a microscope. Your accompanying family  and/or friends  may  watch the  surgery  live on  a  TV  monitor  in the  waiting area

  • After surgery, you will rest in the recovery area for approximately 30 minutes and be joined by your family members

  • After surgery, a friend or relative must escort you to your home or hotel where you should relax quietly for the remainder of the day. Most patients feel well and may go out to dinner; however, please devote the entire day to the appropriate care  of your  eye.


After your glaucoma surgery

  • Depending on your type of anesthesia, you will wear an eye patch for several hours or overnight

  • If the patch is removed prior to bedtime, a metal shield will be placed over the eye to wear while sleeping

  • A list of postoperative instructions will be given to you and reviewed with you prior to departure from the surgery center

  • Most patients experience  little or no pain after the procedure, although some experience  low to moderate discomfort

  • You will be seen for a postoperative checkup the day after surgery. Expect your vision to be blurry because the shape of the eye is temporarily changed from the glaucoma operation, Best vision and intraocular pressure control take up to 3 months following surgery.

  • A follow-up visit is scheduled and postoperative instructions reviewed. Eyedrops are typically used on a tapering schedule for 4 to 8 weeks postoperatively.

  • Your  post-operative  activity level is   determined   by  eye  pressure  and  shape  after surgery. Activity levels are reviewed with you at your first postoperative visit.


Dr. Shingleton has a worldwide referral practice that works with many eye specialists in this country and abroad to provide glaucoma surgical care. Patients travel from all over the world for treatment with Dr. Shingleton. Our goal is to provide you with the safest, highest quality and most convenient glaucoma surgery possible. Therefore, when it is appropriate, we arrange for pre- and post-operative care to be provided by your primary eye care doctor.  For most patients, Dr. Shingleton performs your initial consultation and glaucoma surgery, and, along with his team, provides post-operative care. For some patients, follow-up care is shared between Dr. Shingleton and your primary eye care doctor to maximize convenience for you. For some patients of doctors who work regularly with Dr. Shingleton, or who come from a long distance, all postoperative care is provided by your local doctor and Dr. Shingleton performs your glaucoma surgery.

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