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Our Glaucoma Team


Dr. Shingleton is board certified in ophthalmology and fellowship trained in glaucoma. He is a world-recognized authority in glaucoma and served as director of the Glaucoma Clinical Committee of the American Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgery. He has done more glaucoma surgery than any other ophthalmologist in New England. He will direct all aspects of your glaucoma care. Dr. Shingleton makes all treatment decisions and performs all laser and surgical procedures for his patients.               

Dr. Stephen Taylor, Dr. Claudine Kawabata, Dr. Kristy Wooler, Dr. Lisa Murray, ophthalmology fellows and a team of certified ophthalmic technicians support Dr. Shingleton. Various members of this team help perform tests required to monitor your glaucoma. Every member of our team has extensive experience to assist you in the diagnosis, evaluation and treatment of your Glaucoma. To learn more about Dr. Shingleton's glaucoma team, click here.

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