OCB offers comprehensive evaluation and treatment of strabismus, a visual problem in which the eyes are not aligned properly and point in different directions. It occurs when the six muscles of the eye that control movement are not balanced and working together properly.

Strabismus is a relatively common problem among children, but can affect adults too. In adulthood, strabismus may occur due to illness, injury or perhaps it was never corrected properly during childhood.

When strabismus occurs in adulthood, it can lead to double vision because the eyes are misaligned, and the brain is reading images from both eyes. Double vision does not occur in children with strabismus because if the problem isn’t corrected in time, the brain begins to ignore images from one eye. In this case, children go on to develop amblyopia (“lazy eye”) and the brain never sees out of that eye.

There is a common misconception that in adulthood, strabismus cannot be corrected or that correcting it with surgery is a cosmetic procedure. Strabismus is a medical condition that affects your ability to function. It causes the eyes to be in abnormal pos​ition, interfering with eye contact and your ability to communicate. It can also interfere with depth perception and side vision.

At OCB, our ophthalmologists who care for patients with strabismus, specialize in the delicate eye muscle surgery required to align the eyes properly and correct strabismus.

OCB’s Strabismus Specialist