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The iLASIK Advantage


iLASIK is an advanced laser vision correction procedure that offers exceptional results with one of the safest laser vision correction technologies available today.

iLASIK offers blade-free, fully customized laser vision correction, custom tailored for each patient's unique visual profile.

Key Features:

  • iLASIK combines two innovative technologies, the Advanced CustomVue® and the Intralase® FS Femtosecond Laser into one blade free, wavefront-guided custom procedure.
  • iLASIK is the only laser vision correction technology using Fourier wavefront analysis, a technique which measures unique corneal imperfections in order to design a truly customized treatment plan.
  • iLASIK, compared to standard LASIK or correction with glasses or contact lenses, optimizes visual outcomes due to the wavefront-guided technology that measures and treats individualized imperfections in each eye.1
  • iLASIK, in clinical trials, yielded more patients achieving 20/20 vision or better (compared to standard LASIK).2
  • iLASIK, in clinical trials comparing iLASK to standard LASIK, showed higher post-operative patient satisfaction, with regards to visual sharpness and clarity, overall visual comfort, consistency of vision, night vision and glare.3
  • iLASIK, compared to standard LASIK, offers numerous surgical safety and post-operative visual recovery advantages.
  • iLASIK, because of its validated safety and precision performance, is approved for use by NASA and trusted by all branches of the military.
  • iLASIK can correct the broadest range of vision imperfections, allowing the majority of people who meet the age and general health requirementsto now be eligible for vision correction.
  • iLASIK technology encompasses over 20 years of innovation. With over 15 million procedures, iLASIK has become an industry leader in helping patients enjoy clear vision with less dependence, or even freedom from, glasses or contacts.

For those seeking a safe, precise, and truly customized vision correction treatment plan, iLASIK delivers.

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 1 Abbott Medical Optics (AMO)Advanced Customvue Technology. Materials 2007.07.30-IL1181 RevA. pg.4 Custom Wavefront-Guided Clinical Results.

2 74% of low to moderate myopes achieved uncorrected visual acuity 20/16 or better (six months post-op). 65% of high myopes achieved uncorrected visual acuity 20/16 or better (six months post-op). AMO Custom wavefront-guided clinical studies submitted to the FDA 2003 2004 2005 & 2007 via P930016 supplement 021.

3 AMO Custom wavefront-guided clinical studies submitted to the FDA 2003 2004 2005 & 2007.

Disclaimer: Results may vary for each individual patient. Patients are requested to consult with their eye care professional regarding the potential risks and benefits for laser refractive surgery and carefully review the Patient Information Booklet and Important Safety Information.


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