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What is iLASIK?


The iLASIK Procedure

The iLASIK procedure is an advanced FDA approved wavefront-guided blade free laser vision correction procedure. iLASIK features, for the first time, the industry's leading edge technologies and techniques in one premium procedure.

What conditions does iLASIK treat?

iLASIK is approved for a broad range of vision disorders including:

  • mild to severe nearsightedness
  • mild to moderate farsightedness
  • All types of astigmatism

For those seeking a premium laser vision correction procedure that offers one of the highest safety profiles available, iLASIK procedure is the clear choice.

How does it work?

iLASIK has several key technologies that make a significant difference in the quality and consistency of visual outcomes.

The crown jewel of the customized iLASIK procedure is the new iDESIGN Advanced WaveScan Studio™ technology using the VISX™ Star S4 IR excimer laser system and Iris Registration.

iDESIGN Advanced WaveScan Wavefront Studio™ : OCB is the first practice in Massachusetts to offer this smarter technology. Working like a computer "brain", the iDESIGN System captures more data than ever before to create a picture of the eye's unique imperfections and accurately plan treatments. This new system uses a high-definition sensor that has 5X the resolution of our previous CustomVue wavescan system, caputuring over 1,200 data points from each eye, providing an even more precise map of your eye's anatomy, identifying your unique visual "fingerprint". This allows your surgeon to further custom tailor your vision correction procedure to the exact curvature and microscopic hills and valleys of the eye. Due to this system, patients at OCB are getting outstanding results.

IntraLase™ FS (femtosecond) Laser: Your measurements guide the computer-driven IntraLase™ FS (femtosecond) Laser technology using the WaveScan™ Wavefront. This creates a customized laser driven corneal flap with micro-precision, while simultaneously preparing an optical corneal surface below the flap for better visual outcomes.

Iris Registration (IR): Iris Registration provides a fully automated, non-contact, method of providing precise patient alignment and the WaveScan™ Wavefront  measurements in preparation for the laser correction treatment.

This technology combination delivers truly customized vision correction

based on the unique refractive signature of your eye.

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