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​Caring for your Eyewear


Properly maintaining and caring for your eyewear will help keep your vision clear, extend the life of your investment and – in the long run – keeps money in your wallet!

Eyewear Care Tips

  1. Eyeglass lens cleaning solution paired with an optically approved, microfiber cleaning cloth is a great way to clean your lenses. Be certain that the solution is approved for use with anti-reflective lenses and coatings.
  2. Rinse lenses under warm, running water. This will remove any sandy/gritty debris that might be dragged across the surface of the lenses during the cleaning process that would potentially scratch your lenses. Never wipe a dry lens!
  3. Be certain to keep optically approved, microfiber cleaning cloths clean as they do trap dirt and need to be laundered or replaced regularly. Microfiber cloths can be hand washed or laundered on the gentle cycle in the washing machine. Do not use fabric softener or other additives.
  4. Avoid using cotton cloths, clothing, tissues or kleenex to wipe your lenses. Natural fibers have small particles that can easily scratch your lenses and "fog" the lenses over time.
  5. An anti-reflective lens facilitates the removal of smudges, dust, dirt, and fingerprints. Please note however, that fingerprints and smudges may appear more visible when they are present due to the clarity of the surface of these lenses.
  6. Always store eyeglasses in a protective case. It is never advisable to store eyeglasses in an automobile, especially in warmer climates as it can do permanent damage to the lenses and frame.


To keep your eyeglasses fitting properly, have them adjusted by an Optician periodically. If you bend your frames, don't try to bend them back. Doing so could cause more damage, or worse, break them. Bring them to us for an assessment.

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